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FIPT Operational Rules Vote

While conducting the inventory request for S Florida region, the conference has voted to suspend the operational rules until the close of WSC 2020.

FIPT Session II

In reference to the South Florida Regional request: future change in operational rules. Straw Poll results: 93-15-4-2 consensus support

FIPT Discussion

Spirited discussion about Fellowship Intellectual Property Trrust (FIPT) in general and the South Florida Region's NAWS inspection request. No progress made toward resolution this evening. Discussion suspended until tomorrow at 9am.  More Will Be Revealed! Goodnight from LA.

CAR Motion Results Evening Session

Motion #15– to hold a 3 day meeting of 2 representatives from each of the zonal forums. The meeting will be planned by NA World Services wjo will cover the cost of the meeting itself. The zonal forums or their…

CAR Motion Results Afternoon Session

Motion #18– any Zonal Forum with 2 or more zonally seated regions or communities that are not seated at the WSC may choose to send one Zonal Delegate to represent those regions or communities.  Passed- 2/3 Majority  Proposal #H– change…

CAR Motion Results–afternoon session

Motion #22– to discontinue the WSC Conference Participants Discussion Board. Failed  Proposal #I — (substitute) replace the current Discussion Board with a platform that allows for mobile access, private discussions by RDs and includes a public Fellowship section that allows…