Regional Meeting Directions

Regional Meeting
Information and Directions


The Eastern PA Region of Narcotics Anonymous (EPARNA) meets on the 1st Sunday of each even month at 2:00 pm, and Subcommittees meet on the same day at 12:45 PM:
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 81 North Main Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073.

PLEASE NOTE: On most months, Region meets in the “Downstairs” room, marked “A” on the image below. When the facility is using this space, the RSC will usually meet in the “Upstairs” room, this door is marked “B” on the image below. If you do not see anyone in the parking lot to ask, check the “A” door first and if it is being used by the facility, be curtious and do not disturb them… just go back out and check the “B” door. There will usually be a sign on the door we are suppose to use, so keep an eye out for the sign.

IN DECEMBER: The church hosts a holiday carnival that has historically always coincided with the Region Meeting. The carnival fills the parking lot up and makes parking VERY difficult. It is advisible to leave early for the December RSC meeting and keep an eye out for people who are walking to the carnival.



Entrance A


Entrance B