CAR Motion Results Evening Session

Motion #15– to hold a 3 day meeting of 2 representatives from each of the zonal forums. The meeting will be planned by NA World Services wjo will cover the cost of the meeting itself. The zonal forums or their regions will cover the cost of travel and meals with financial assistance from NA World Services. 


Motion #16– that the World Board develop a project plan, including budget and timeline, for presentation at the WSC 2020 on the role of Zones,  their relationship to the wider fellowship,  including integrating Zonal Delegate participation into the decision making process at WSC.
Passed by consensus (>80%)
Motion #17– to approve a change in the description of WSC participants from regional delegates to zonal delegates. This change will occur over 3 conference cycles from 2018 to 2024 with the choice of representation left to the seated regions during this transition period. 
Not presented by maker; no vote
Motion #13– authorize the World Board to define more special days, like unity days, in the yearly calendar 
Passed 2/3 Majority 
Motion #12– assign a week each year as an NA PR week, beginning in 2019. NAWS would establish the dates and would have information available for the whole NA fellowship a minimum of 90 days prior and also possible contents of the suggested program agenda.
Passed by 2/3 majority 
Motion #14– Fellowship Issue Discussion Topics  (IDTs) poll
Proposal #E– failed 
Motion #10– remove Bulletin #29
Fails by consensus 
Motion #9– direct the WB to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2020 to create or revise one piece of recovery literature to directly address Drug Replacement Therapy  (DRT) and Medication Assisted Therapy  (MAT) as it relates to NA. 
Passed by 2/3 majority  
Proposal #K– (slight wording change)  insert after "address" "how NA members receive and behave towards addicts."
Motion #11– remove 
Failed by consensus