CAR Motion Results Morning Session

Motion #1–project plan to convert Social Media & Our Guiding Principles service pamphlet to an IP–passed 100-7-4-2 consensus 
Motion #2 — remove from NAWS catalog & inventory IP 27 "For Parents or Guardians of Young People in NA"
Failed–6-106-2-0 consensus 
Motion #3– Direct the World Board to create a project plan for a Step Study Booklet containing questions derived only from sentences in the BT Chapter "How it Works" for consideration at WSC 2020.– 
committed to the WB.
Proposal #G–amendment to M#3-failed 27-82-3-2
Motion #4–Direct NAWS to produce and add to inventory an MP3 digital download of the BT Fifth Edition in Spanish, previously on audio tape. By policy,  NAWS is not authorized to publish a 5th edition once a 6th edition is available. This motion asks for a one-time waiver of this policy.
Motion fails
Proposal #J–amendment to M#4
Proposal #J- fails
Motion #5–to approve an NA Service Prayer, utilizing the language that is already in the intro to the BT, Substituting the word "write" with the word "serve" including it in the set posters for NA Goup meetings.
passed 79-29-2-3 2/3 majority 

Motion #6–failed 37-72-2-3

Proposal #D–withdrawn
Motion #7– direct the WB to create a Service Pamphlet (SP) that clearly states and simply outlines the rights of groups to reprint NA Literature. 
Motion #8–to replace the 1st paragraph under "what kind of literature should we use" in the Group Booklet.