New Meeting Update Form

Meetings are now being managed through the BMLT (Basic Meeting List Toolbox) This system allows us to create users for each area meeting list rep. This will allow each area to manage their own meeting inside the database. The database will also allow us to regularly export the BMLT and send it to NAWS so they can update their system. It ensures better meeting accuracy across the regional and NAWS databases. Currently the BMLT is being shared by both the Eastern PA Region and the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Area’s who manage their own websites and are running WordPress can have access to the regional BMLT to display meetings on their websites. They will no longer have to manage multiple meeting list databases. Update the BMLT once and all websites that access the BMLT will all display the changes.

For those groups or area’s who still wish to submit changes via email can print out the Meeting Update Form and submit it to